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    The easiest way to duplicate house and car keys (single sided) - M clamp for Gymkana 994

    • M clamp for Gymkana 994


Key Account Manager

Ladd-e Urbas

20 years in tool & die. 33 years experience in the key cutting business. 18 years working with/for Keyline. Experienced in key blank and key machine design, engineering , manufacturing, training, marketing and sales. The 994 Laser and Gymkana 994 style machines were my conceptual designs influenced by locksmiths, auto dealers, automobile manufacturers, retail accounts and countless others that helped shape the machines of Keyline today as well as tomorrow Provided a solution for General Motors needing to cut 2 keys for 14,000 Camaros in 10 days, before they could leave the manufacturing plant. Answer- Use six Keyline 994 Laser style machines mounted in 6 vans! And remember: “Security Never Sleeps”